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Exceptional Care When You Need It Most

Vivid Stream is a professional family business that offers a friendly and straightforward approach. We’re here with the aim to make these difficult situations easier. So no matter the circumstance, friends and family can still experience the service and say goodbye, no matter where they are in the world.

Honour Lost Loved Ones With a Touching Photo Tribute

It’s hard to lose our loved ones, and it prompts us to decide how to mourn our loss and celebrate their life. How you wish to remember your loved one is a personal decision, but one that we can help with. Vivid Stream can craft memorial slideshows that shares the stories of their lives.

old vintage photos stacked on top of each other
Video camera streaming a funeral event

Funeral Live Streaming & Recording

By providing a live video stream of the service, there’s comfort in the knowledge that those unable to attend can watch and still have the opportunity to say goodbye and ensure the memories are never lost.

Audio Visual Available For Hire

We can also supply a whole range of Projector and Screens, LED Screens, Sound System with Microphone, Music for Services.

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What our customers say

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Hi David, Thank you for the work done with the streaming of Dad’s funeral on Friday. We have had many comments from friends and family who could not be there in person, saying how great it was to be able to watch on-line and that the quality of production was very high. Once again, thank you.

Chris Wright

Hi David, Just wanted to let you know that I received really good feedback on how light, bright & clear the funeral was. I have to say, I have watched others and they have been quite dark, could be because of the church lighting. Thank you for making it just that little bit better, even though it's not the best situation. My dad would've approved. Thank you.

Diane Aparo

Thank you David, We were so grateful that you were able to stream our dads funeral. All of Fred's grandchildren were watching from home, and said it was like they were there with us.

Bernadine Fenech

Thank you, David Fantastic job streaming Dawn Lincoln’s funeral. Very much appreciated for those who can’t be there, Cheers.

Tony Lincoln

Hi David, Thank you for your amazing service and professionalism provided whilst streaming our Mum's funeral service. It gave an opportunity to family and friends both overseas and here in Australia to bid farewell and celebrate her life. Thank you from the Nunes family

Joy Nunes

Thanks so much David. We really appreciate your great work and attention to detail. You have helped make this an enduring memorable occasion for us, so thank you again.

Paul Crisp

New Product

Video books for photo tribute

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